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What a week that was!

Date : 15 Jan / Category : Tuffit

Well what a week that was!  At Fit for Keeps we finally launched our Tuffit to the world after 733 days of planning, testing and building.  We couldn’t contain our excitement as the first boxes left the warehouse…I definitely had little tears in my eyes! 

The first Tuffit leaves the warehouse

And even better, we’ve already started getting feedback from customers!  

Our first happy Tuffit owner, Jo from Warrington, chose a Cotton Tuffit with a Chamonix Logan CoreCurve.  Here’s her first impression:

‘It fits neatly and discretely into the lounge so it’s right there when I want to use it – I’d never make it out to the gym so this is just perfect. For something so small it’s incredibly versatile’.

We’re glad you think so Jo!

More from our first Tuffit owners next week.

Jen xx